• FREEBIE // August Digital Download

    Hi all! I'm trying something new round these parts—I thought I'd take those Wednesday Wisdoms I make each week and turn them into something other than just a pretty square on my Insta feed. Sooooo, I'm picking one design per month to turn into a FREE instant download, and I'm calling them Whimsy Wisdoms! (Corny? Oh well!)

    As this was my first go around with the whole instant download thing, I kind of failed to keep dimensions in mind...whoops! That means no desktop or cell phone wallpaper with this month's download.

    However, my mistake works out in your favor! This month's download is a free 5x7 digital print that you can frame, pin to your bulletin board, showcase on your fridge, use as a coaster...

    Hope you enjoy, and Happy August!

    click to download // AUGUST DIGITAL PRINT


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