• December Desktop & iPhone Wallpaper

    Christmas trees, warm scents, baked goodies and snow.
    Heirloom decorations reminiscent of cinnamon sticks and houses all a-glow.
    Gift giving, cozy sweaters and thick socks.
    Cuddled on the couch watching Christmas movies, the cheesy Hallmark ones rock!
    Christmas music on repeat, family gathered near.

    I have always, always loved December! Yes, for the aforementioned reasons, and because this girl loves Christmas something fierce!

    However, this December is particularly special, because this December I get to be engaged to my best friend. Somehow the cinnamon scented pinecones smell a tad more spicy, the lights are glowing just a little bit brighter, and my heart seems a little more full…it that’s even possible during this time of the year. I’m seeing the holiday season through rose colored glasses and it’s pretty freaking spectacular!

    I can’t wait to tackle my extensive list of Christmas traditions with my fiancé. There are cookies to bake, decorated houses to see, sleigh rides to take, etc. and so forth! And this is the first and only year we get to enjoy these festivities as an engaged couple—so we’re making the most of it. Bring on ALL the hot cocoa and hot toddies!  

    What’s on your list of December favorites? The Winter episode of A Year In The Life, perhaps? Yeah, that’s up there for me too.

    Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays my friends! I hope you enjoy your month of December + this hand lettered Gilmore inspired wallpaper. I mean, your devices deserve a little decorating too! Dontcha think?


    Desktop download // here

    iPhone download // here

    Download Directions //

    Click the link above. Right click the image and either "Save Image" to your computer, or simply drag the image to your computer desktop to save. Head over to your System Preferences—Desktop/ Screen Saver and then select this image as your  wallpaper. Yay!


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