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  • Saying Farewell to Summer

    As you’ve probably already guessed, I’m a big fan of fall. You may even go so far as to say a super fan. Borderline obsessed? Yeah, probably.

    Although my scale is heavily weighted toward the season of autumnal bliss, I do enjoy the summer months as well. There’s something kind of magical about those long summer nights spent surrounded by the BBQ, tall glass of iced whatever in your hand. Days spent poolside, soaking up those warm summer rays, or just laying out in your backyard pretending you’re poolside. Ha…guilty.

    Yes, magic indeed; however, these bright, warm summer days have gently begun folding into cuddly, crisp fall ones. I ain’t complaining. But not gonna lie, I will miss sitting out on the porch, glass of wine within reach, watching the warm sun paint the sky orange sherbet as it fades behind the horizon. Is it just me, or are summer sunsets just the best?

    While yes, summer is coming to an end, there are still a handful of weeks left to enjoy it! Three-ish weeks, to be semi-exact. That’s almost an entire month—think of all the end of summer adventures you can still plan! As a matter of fact, my boyfriend and I just got back from what you could call the ultimate “goodbye summer” adventure...

  • Developing Your Brand by Developing Yourself

    Developing and defining yourself as a creative entrepreneur can be tricky, especially when you’re first starting out. Everything is new, and terrifying, and exciting, and terrifying. Unless you’re able to hire a brand and web developer right off the bat, there is no one telling you how to brand yourself, how to position yourself, how to represent yourself on social media, how to sell the products or services you provide, or hell, even how to start creating said products and services.

    A few nightmarish months in the rearview, and you’ve probably got a pretty good handle on things. You got all the legal stuff figured out (barely), you have a website up and running, you have some sort of social media presence, and you’re working on fine-tuning your products and services.

    But for some reason, you’re still not feeling quite right about the whole thing. For some reason, your brand identity doesn’t really speak to your individual awesomeness; it doesn’t showcase just how cool what you’re creating and putting out into the word really is. For whatever reason your brand feels disconnected and distant—underdeveloped and lacking somehow. Sound familiar?

    Well, you’re not alone...


  • It's (Almost) Fall, Ya'll!

    Fall is hands down my favorite season. I love the cool, crisp evening air; the kind that makes me snuggle a little deeper into my well-worn fleece. I love watching the leaves on my tree-lined street go from bright green to the prettiest yellow before fluttering to the pavement; slowly transforming my cul-de-sac into the yellow brick road from the Wizard of Oz.

    I love the activities: Pumpkin festivals, Apple Hill, pumpkin patches and corn mazes. I love the Holidays; the decorating alone sends me into an excited frenzy! I mean I pretty much live for Halloween (second best Holiday after Christmas of course) and the cozy nights spent curled up on the couch watching and re-watching all the horror classics. I absolutely adore Thanksgiving and it’s sentiments; I cherish spending it with those I’m most thankful for. Oh, and the seasonal food and warm drinks—don’t even get me started.

    Most of all, I LOVE...

  • Creative Blocks & Finding Your Personal Brand of Drano

    Most of the time creative blocks stop in for a cup of tea and then they're on their way, off to annoy the next unfortunate soul. Other times, creative blocks settle in for the long haul; setting up camp in the corners of your mind and kicking up their feet in a declaration of defeat.

    You sit there fidgeting, staring blankly into space, waiting for inspiration to show up and knock down that blockade—but it’s like a fortress up in there.

    I’ve been dealing with some major creative blocks lately—the Fort Knox kind. The kind that overstay their welcome by what seems to be a millennium. The kind that wont take the hint and just leave already.

    That is until I tried something different a couple weeks back, and to my surprise, my creativity started trickling through the cracks...

  • Scared by Change

    Last week I discovered I hate change.

    Which is really bizarre for me, because up until that point I thought I was pretty okay with it. I’m all about a fresh new paint color, wardrobe update, or new hairstyle. Hell, even a new hair color.

    To be fair, it’s not like change and I were besties, or even close friends for that matter. But, you know, we were polite; casual niceties were exchanged when we bumped into one another on the street. That was until recently, when my true detest for it surprisingly reared its ugly head—in full force.

    I guess I’ve secretly harbored a disgust for change all along. A deep and brooding hatred that I’ve successfully hidden from my own conscience; a loathing that I've swallowed, unknowingly, with each passing encounter.

    What provoked such a venomous response? I guess you might say it was the ultimate change...

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