• Three Binge-worthy Podcasts

    Since the beginning of my podcast journey I’ve discovered some pretty rad podcasts, I’m sure a light year too late, but I thought I’d share them here anyways.

    Mind you, I’m no podcast guru. I mean I only discovered their awesome existence about a month ago. But I think that’s kind of my M.O.—often times happening upon something new and exciting just to find out that it’s like so 2015. I get asked if I’ve been living under a rock…a lot. I’m just cool like that, I guess.

    But hey, maybe there are some fellow rock dwellers out there I can share these amazing “new” finds with. Faking hipness as I introduce ancient discoveries like they’re the pinnacle of trendy. Yeah…maybe.

    I’ve narrowed it down to my three current faves. One is of the boss babe variety, one is just plain hilarious, and the other is, um, let’s just say humorously dark. All are worth checking out.

    Being Boss Podcast: A Podcast for Creative Entrepreneurs

    This is the girl boss podcast to end all girl boss podcasts. Seriously.

    Co-hosts Emily Thompson and Kathleen Shannon give weekly insight on how to be the best, most productive and well-rounded creative entrepreneur you can be. Their focus is on how to best strike that work/life balance with mantras like “do the work, be boss”; emphasizing the importance of self-care. They often invite guest speakers from various industries to share their knowledge and boss tips. My favorite episodes, however, are when it’s just the two of them delving deep into a boss topic, just being witty and totally badass.

    Badass barely begins to cover it though; these two are sweet, intelligent and funny as hell. 80+ episodes in and their content is still fresh and entertaining, and by the end of each show I find myself nodding in agreement and totally motivated to integrate all the awesome I just heard into my own boss life and daily routine.

    I highly recommend this one to those small business owners and creatives out there. This rad pair will definitely teach you a thing or two and keep you motivated to get shit done.

    You can follow along on their boss journey @beingbossclub, and be sure to check out their gorgeously designed website for more tips, tricks and awesomeness.

    Gilmore Guys Show

    Do you love Gilmore Girls? You’re not alone. A TON of people are totally obsessed, myself included; especially with the late-November revival just around the corner! Gilmore lovers let me just say, this podcast does not disappoint.

    An Instagram friend turned me onto this hilarious gem when she noticed I was starting to sell Gilmore inspired goodies in my shop. Ah, she just gets me. This podcast is not only hilarious, it’s interestingly informative—well, if you’re a Gilmore nerd like I am, that is.

    Kevin and Demi, the show’s co-hosts, watch, review and analyze each episode in a humorous and off-beat way. It’s really like listening to your two funniest friends shoot witty remarks back and forth about a topic that you love; much like in the show itself, the banter is just on point.

    I’ll be honest, the first episode was a little rough, but what pilot isn’t? However, once they get their groove down, it’s pure comedic bliss.

    You can find these funny dudes on Instagram @gilmoreguysshow, or check out the website where they’re even selling Gilmore Guys goods.

    My Favorite Murder

    Okay, so I’m only a few episodes in on this one, but you guys, it’s easily the creepiest, most fantastic thing I’ve heard in a long time. Much thanks to a friend and family member for this recommendation, because it’s easily a new favorite.

    DISCLOSURE: This podcast is NOT for the faint of heart, or the easily offended. It’s kinda weird and sinister. It’s creepy and pretty out there. It’s very tongue-in-check, and it’s also very crude. It’s down right strange. It will probably give you nightmares; it will most likely make you a nervous wreck. I mean, the title kind of says it all. But hey, if that’s your cup-a-tea, then this podcast is for you my friend.

    This is also a co-hosted podcast, where cheeky friends Karen Kilgariff and Georgia Hardstark discuss their anxiety-provoked fascination with true crime stories. Let’s get a few things straight: they are not condoning murder, they are not saying murder is a good thing and they are not murderers themslves. They are just two chicks who are totally freaked out by the idea of murder and literally terrified of being murdered. These two are extremely interested in the facts and the how-could-someone-possiblies; treating true crime stories like a criminologist might—intrigued by motive, looking for reasons, trying to understand cause and effect. Best part? The whole time you feel like you’re gossiping about some taboo shit with a bestie.

    My Favorite Murder has a Facebook Group that you can ask to join. Their podcast can also be found here.

    Well, there you have it. Some “new” podcasts to go check out. I’d love to know what you think if you give any of them a listen. But, ya know, if you think they suck I don’t want to hear it…just kidding (kinda)! Let me know your thoughts in the comments!

    In the words of Emily and Kathleen, “do the work, be boss”! And in this case, that work is to listen to ALLLLLL the podcasts. Now go forth and subscribe!

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