• Taking Risks to Further Your Business + Some Custom Chalkboard Walls

    Firsts can be intimidating, especially in the realm of your small business. However, trying new things is an integral part of running a small business, and a sign of a successful one at that. We cannot assume growth if the necessary steps toward advancement are never taken. Sure, it’s easy to remain static in your business. I mean, doing what you know and what you’re good at is safe, and when we remain within the confines of this “safe zone” there is hardly any risk of failure. However, there is also no room for growth. That is why it is crucial to continue trying new things, even if they may seem rather daunting at first, because you’ll never know exactly what you’re capable of if you don’t try.

    At the beginning of November I tried something new.

    A client contacted me to decorate the chalkboard walls at their wedding venue. Two fourteen foot walls to be exact. At first I was admittedly nervous. I had never worked on such a large scale before and wasn’t even sure that I could. Doubt spread through me, making it impossible to see how I could take on such a big job. This lack of confidence was crippling.

    Through it all, though, a very tinny voice remained at the back of my head, and in a pitch just under a whisper it chanted it’s own words of encouragement—“you can do this”.

    After acknowledging that minuscule hum it eventually became truth, growing in tempo and volume and kicking any residual doubt to the curb.

    Yes, I was still nervous when I got to the venue and saw those big, empty walls staring down at me. I was still worried that I wouldn’t be able to successfully complete something so large scale. But, deep down I knew that I could. That inner voice, plus the help and support of my best friend AKA assistant for the day, got me through it.

    I made a game plan and sketch, we sharpened all the chalk and planned for anything that could have gone wrong. I was ready—or as ready as I would ever be.

    I got up on my little step stool (that we had just purchased at OSH on a whim. You know, juuuuust in case the venue didn’t have the ladder they had promised. Ahem, can I just say, extremely glad we did…) and looked down at my sketch and back at the wall again. I picked up a freshly sharpened piece of chalk and put it to the cool, textured surface of that wall and…began to draw.

    chalkwhimsy custom chalkboard wallschalkwhimsy custom chalkboard walls

    And I kept drawing, and lettering and erasing and drawing some more until both walls were finished and I was happy with their outcome. Just like that, I had successfully completed something brand new, something that has furthered my skills and advanced my knowledge as a chalk artist.

    chalkwhimsy custom chalkboard walls
    Want to know the best part about this whole risk taking thing? I had a blast doing it!

    What’s something new and exciting you’ve implemented in your business? Did it succeed? Was it a flop? Either way, win or lose, you’re pretty awesome for trying.


    Video by (the best friend) Hillary Resch

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