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  • DIY Living Dead Halloween Wreath

    I’ve always loved a good DIY project. Lately, though, I can’t seem to fathom ever having the time for such luxuries. Seriously. When the heck did I fit in all the Michaels trips? All the crocheting of scarves and blankets? All the hours spent accidentally burning my fingers with the hot glue gun? I had the righteous calluses of a certified crafter, let me tell you. Alas, they seem to have faded with my DIY ambitions.

    But there’s something about the holiday season that gets my crafting spirit all revved up again. Suddenly I find that I have all the time for DIYing—especially when I turn off Netflix. Wait, whaaa? Who knew! (And Gilmore Girls reruns don’t count! I think they’re certified inspirational viewing material for any crafting activity. Yeah, that sounds about right.)

    As I was scrolling through Pinterest the other week, as one does when they’re in the crafting spirit, I came across some really cute DIY wreath ideas. I had been wanting to make a new Halloween wreath for a while now, so decided that was going to be my next project. I continued to scour Pinterest for just a tad longer. Yeah, we all know how that goes…

    Three hours later…

    I found my Halloween wreath inspiration!

  • Halloween Product Launch

    It’s almost October! Eeek! My favorite fall month! Do you know what one of my all time favorite fall/ Halloween activities is?


    Sure, I love decorating for all seasons—I mean Christmas, obviously—but there’s something so comforting about decorating for fall. The cozy jewel-toned colors and sweet cinnamon scents are pure magic.

    I usually decorate for fall starting on September 1st, then I decorate for Halloween, and come November I decorate for fall again. Yes, I decorate for fall twice. And yes, I have separate Halloween decor, because um, hello…Halloween!

    During the special month of October I break out all the creepy decor, adorning my house in frightful bursts of horror. You will find no smiling pumpkins or cartoon monsters here. Thank you very much.

    However, this year, time completely escaped me...

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