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  • It's the Great Glass Pumpkin

    Last Tuesday I shared what one of my all time favorite fall activities is. In case you missed it, it’s decorating all the things! Well…all the house things.

    You may have also caught what my all time favorite fall decoration is—or are in this case, as I have the beginnings of what will be quite the collection…

    I started accumulating these glass beauties about four years back. I know it was four years ago because I have exactly four glass pumpkins, and I limit myself to ONE pumpkin a year. It’s hard. Really, really hard. Especially when they’re all so freaking unique and adorable! But, this is exactly why I limit myself—could you imagine how many glass pumpkins I would be hoarding if I allowed myself to buy all the pumpkins?? I’d be like the crazy cat lady of glass gourds. And nobody wants that…

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