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  • Three Binge-worthy Podcasts

    Since the beginning of my podcast journey I’ve discovered some pretty rad podcasts, I’m sure a light year too late, but I thought I’d share them here anyways.

    Mind you, I’m no podcast guru. I mean I only discovered their awesome existence about a month ago. But I think that’s kind of my M.O.—often times happening upon something new and exciting just to find out that it’s like so 2015. I get asked if I’ve been living under a rock…a lot. I’m just cool like that, I guess.

    But hey, maybe there are some fellow rock dwellers out there I can share these amazing “new” finds with. Faking hipness as I introduce ancient discoveries like they’re the pinnacle of trendy. Yeah…maybe.

    I’ve narrowed it down to my three current faves. One is of the boss babe variety, one is just plain hilarious, and the other is, um, let’s just say humorously dark. All are worth checking out...

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