That Creative Life / dealing with change


  • Scared by Change

    Last week I discovered I hate change.

    Which is really bizarre for me, because up until that point I thought I was pretty okay with it. I’m all about a fresh new paint color, wardrobe update, or new hairstyle. Hell, even a new hair color.

    To be fair, it’s not like change and I were besties, or even close friends for that matter. But, you know, we were polite; casual niceties were exchanged when we bumped into one another on the street. That was until recently, when my true detest for it surprisingly reared its ugly head—in full force.

    I guess I’ve secretly harbored a disgust for change all along. A deep and brooding hatred that I’ve successfully hidden from my own conscience; a loathing that I've swallowed, unknowingly, with each passing encounter.

    What provoked such a venomous response? I guess you might say it was the ultimate change...

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