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  • Creative Blocks & Finding Your Personal Brand of Drano

    Most of the time creative blocks stop in for a cup of tea and then they're on their way, off to annoy the next unfortunate soul. Other times, creative blocks settle in for the long haul; setting up camp in the corners of your mind and kicking up their feet in a declaration of defeat.

    You sit there fidgeting, staring blankly into space, waiting for inspiration to show up and knock down that blockade—but it’s like a fortress up in there.

    I’ve been dealing with some major creative blocks lately—the Fort Knox kind. The kind that overstay their welcome by what seems to be a millennium. The kind that wont take the hint and just leave already.

    That is until I tried something different a couple weeks back, and to my surprise, my creativity started trickling through the cracks...

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