• Gilmore Goodies Holiday Launch

    This Thanksgiving I have a lot to be thankful for…like the GILMORE GIRLS REVIVAL!

    I started watching Gilmore Girls in high school with my momma and we quickly became obsessed. Maybe it’s because we could relate to the coffee addicted, sarcastic Lorelai, or the bookworm nature of Rory. Maybe it was the baking prowess of the sweet and humble Sookie, or the snarky nature of Emily. The rock n roll, spunky Lane perhaps? Whoever, or whatever it was, Gilmore Girls was the best thing since sliced bread in our books.

    It was our (pre-Netflix) weekly ritual—to sit curled up on the couch together, laughing, crying, and laughing some more. Repeating Lorelai’s witty exchanges to each other, her vocabulary becoming one with our own. It’s not a secret, we speak fluent Gilmore.

    We lived vicariously through these women, imagining a festive, snow-filled Christmas in the quaint, small town of Stars Hollow. Our very own Ms. Patty to learn all the town gossip from. A Kirk to amuse us with his oddities. And of course, having been of high school age while watching this show for the first time, wishing Jess was my boyfriend! (No team Dean or Logan here—sorry, not sorry.)

    Gilmore Girls was an important part of my life, and at such a pivotal time in my adolescent years. It’s one of those shows that has transcended time and, frankly, will never get old. I’ve re-watched the series (thanks Netflix!) I don’t know how many times—and I’m not even a little embarrassed about it.

    Queue another BIG “thanks Netflix!” moment…the Gilmore Girls Revival is set to air the day after Thanksgiving! I seriously can’t think of a better way to spend my post-Thanksgiving, sugar induced comma day than by lounging in pjs, sipping on coffee, munching on leftovers, and watching a reunion of the most epic proportions unfold on my screen. Minus one of my absolute favorites of course: Richard Gilmore, you will be terribly missed. Not gonna to lie, I’m already stocking up on tissues for the part of the episode.

    In celebration of this FANTASTICAL Gilmore moment, the first part of my holiday launch is, of course, Gilmore related!

    The Gilmore Goodies Holiday launch is happening TOMORROW at 6pm PST—just in time for the big Netflix reveal + Christmas shopping for those Gilmore fans out there! What will your favorite product be? Oh, and you probably won’t want to miss a certain launch day surprise… Just sayin’.

    Gilmore Girls—sure, it’s a show, but we all know it’s so much more than that—“It’s a lifestyle. It’s a religion.” Happy watching fellow Gilmoreians!

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    • Hoche

      Another great post. I know I said the Gilmore Girls attraction for me was more for my cousin’s than myself, but you make me want to watch it now!!

      November 15, 2016

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