• Creative Blocks & Finding Your Personal Brand of Drano

    Most of the time creative blocks stop in for a cup of tea and then they're on their way, off to annoy the next unfortunate soul. Other times, creative blocks settle in for the long haul; setting up camp in the corners of your mind and kicking up their feet in a declaration of defeat.

    You sit there fidgeting, staring blankly into space, waiting for inspiration to show up and knock down that blockade—but it’s like a fortress up in there.

    I’ve been dealing with some major creative blocks lately—the Fort Knox kind. The kind that overstay their welcome by what seems to be a millennium. The kind that wont take the hint and just leave already.

    That is until I tried something different a couple weeks back, and to my surprise, my creativity started trickling through the cracks. Like a leaky faucet at first; single droplets in a slow and steady procession, but soon enough that creative flow was pouring out of me.

    What was the something different? I went to a coffee shop…

    It wasn’t necessarily the coffee shop that got the creative juices flowing, although they do have a damn good iced mocha that I’m sure didn’t hurt the cause. The fact that I got myself dressed, did my hair and even put on (minimal) makeup is what ultimately started chiseling away at the junk plugging up my inspiration well.

    The Drano to my situation, though, was the change to my daily routine. Removing myself from my normal surroundings—i.e., dining room table and backyard studio—changed my frame of mind. Being surrounded by the energy of others, and even the constant hum of the coffee shop background noise helped get my mind on track. In a way, the change corralled my thoughts into a steady stream of consciousness, ready to be flushed out by the simple turn of a knob. The smells and sounds; the change in scenery, it all led to a clearer mind, a more focused mind. A mind that was able to kick that old creative block to the curb.

    Unknowingly, I had found my creative block antidote. I’m sure some cases will require a few extra doses, and maybe even a more potent variety—day at the beach; date night out; staycation; Harry Potter World??? Okay, okay, okay…maybe not that last one, but you see where I’m going with this. The antidote possibilities are endless and completely adaptable to you and the severity of your creative blockage. In other words, everyone has a personalized grade of Drano—it’s just waiting to be discovered.

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