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    This week's blog post is a little different than most. I've decided to start integrating lifestyle content into my blogs—like reviews on my current girlboss favorites, entertaining, DIY, travel. You know, the good stuff.

    Don't fret awesome humans! I'll still be posting ridiculously personal and raw content, but I thought I'd spice it up a bit. You know, add a little dimension to my blog world.

    That being said, today I will be doing a product review on my favorite new girlboss tool: my handy dandy notebook!

    Or more specifically, The Day Designer Mid-Year Flagship Planner. And hot dang let me tell you, it’s some serious awesome sauce! I’m talking some major organizational magic. AND it’s pretty to boot. I mean, just look at those gold foil accents. Isn't it swoon-tastic?


    Where to start, where to start. I guess I can talk about why I ultimately decided on the Day Designer when there are so many other comparable (and just as cute) planners on the market. Let me begin by saying, the choice was not easy my friends. At all.

    I did my fare amount of research. I watched YouTube videos, read and re-read blog posts, product descriptions, and reviews until the wee hours of the night. Don’t judge.

    After the loads of (borderline excessive) research, I had narrowed it down to two contenders. For me, it was between the Day Designer by Whitney English and the Simplified Planner by Emily Ley. (inkWell Press was also in the running. They make a really great and well-designed planner as well!)

    Both are very similar in look, and overall function. They both sport the dreamy gold wire-o binding, the same durable covers with reinforced gold corners (in various adorable designs), and the same inside front pocket. They also both have shared weekend pages, as well as an entire page dedicated to each weekday with a daily schedule, to-do list, and space for notes. They are both extremely well designed and totally amazing for an entrepreneurial lifestyle, a parent’s busy schedule, or for those awesome people who just want to be better organized and more productive.



    Ultimately (and obviously), I chose the Day Designer by Whitney English, and here’s why:


    • today’s top three: I really appreciate this section on the daily pages. I tend to jot out my to-dos in a brain dump fashion, which are rarely ever in order of importance. This “top three” section, which I’ve started to refer to as my “must-dos” section, allows me to prioritize my to-dos after I’ve gotten them out of my head and down on paper. It helps condense my long, somewhat chaotic lists into something more manageable, leaving me feeling accomplished and like a total boss once those three boxes are checked off.

    • due | dinner | dollars | don’t forget: this little section is brilliant. It allows me to keep track of my most important to-do (or loved one's birthday), my weekly dinner plan, and what’s due that day. I’m still not sure how I will best utilize the “dollars” section, but I’m considering designating it to a running tab of my business budget.
      • next week: at the bottom of the weekend pages there is the following week at a glance. This great feature allows me to start brainstorming and planning what my upcoming week will look like. Brain dump here, pretty and organized list elsewhere.
      • daily gratitude: at the end of each day there is a designated space for gratitude. I love this. It’s like a daily exercise in giving thanks. I hope to fill each and every space with happy moments and memories, reminding me of all I have to be grateful for.


        • gold divider tabs: the monthly divider tabs are pretty, and shiny, and gold. So shinnnny. While I do love me some color, the multicolored tabs of the Simplified Planner just didn't compare. That gold just speaks my language.
          • notes: between some of the months there is a page for notes. These are super useful, and I will definitely be using the one at the end of December to keep track of Christmas gifts. I do wish they had a notes page between all months, like in previous editions.
          • marked holidays on monthly and daily calendar view: holidays are marked with a cute little grey pennant icon for quick visual reference. The Simplified Planner has holidays marked too, but like in most calendars, they are just in written form.

          To be honest, I was initially attracted to the Simplified Planner due to their well designed website and curated Instagram feed. Their brand is definitely more visually driven, with lots of bright, well composed images. If I were completely basing my purchase on brand identity, I would have to say the lovely and vibrant Emily Ley would be victor. 

          While the Simplified Planner may have that cuteness factor and killer brand identity down, I really love the overall style, function and personality of Whitney English's Day Designer. (Not to mention Whitney English herself. She's as real and genuine as they come and I totally dig that. Seriously. This cute video she posted kind of says it all). This planner is fun and hip, while remaining crisp and clean. It's extremely well-designed. It’s classic. Annnnnnd, in case you haven’t already picked up on it, I’m a sucker for gold. Those dang gold divider tabs just really do it for me. Let's admire one more time...


          Overall, for me, The Day Designer just seemed to fit. While some might find all of the extra spaces for things like gratitude, top three, and what's due kind of overkill, I really dig them. These extras definitely make this planner more intensive in the realm of organization, but that’s right up my alley. Organizational nerd over here, and I will be the first to admit it! I will also be the first to admit that, while I am obsessed with organizing, I am not the best at it. Pretty sure the left side of my brain is sleeping most days...ha... But that's okay, because I am certain that this well-designed planner will get even my sometimes haphazard brain on the road to supreme productivity.      

          Which planner makes you feel totally boss? Is it the Day Designer? Simplified Planner? Or another completely awesome product? Share your organizational wisdom in the comments below!

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