• Farewell Dining Table

    My dining room table has served me well. It has performed as my desk, a packing station, a workstation, a multitasking machine. Oh, and the occasional surface for enjoying a meal or two. A rarity as of late as it’s usually too buried with work junk to serve this intended purpose. Chalk, chalkboards, laptop computer, power cords and chargers, notebooks, planners, paper, pencils, pencil sharpeners, pens, wine glasses and coffee cups adorn its surface as a clutter-filled testament to my creative messiness. A declaration to the fact that I have absolutely no room for my work paraphernalia, or my growing business.

    Well no longer! No longer will my dining table juggle the roles of desk, shipping station and the like. No longer will the clutter of my creative mess be strewn across its surface, my supplies and work materials left exposed and homeless with no dedicated space to be neatly returned to. Nope, not anymore friends, because I now have a ChalkWhimsy studio space! A place that all my work junk can finally call home! Best part? I'm quite familiar with the area...

    The backyard studio has had many faces since its conception in 1993. It was built by my Stepdad as an art studio, it was a drafting space for his architectural side business, it was a pretty sweet hang out space throughout middle school. More recently it had become a storage space for odds and ends, a habitat for freakishly large spiders and ever multiplying dust bunnies, a wasted space.


    After everything was moved out, but before any cleaning. Ahem, those floors...

    With my Stepdad’s blessing, I am in the process of moving my small business from the confines of a 3x5 foot dining table to this whopping 9x19 foot mansion (but of course there are terms to acknowledge and conditions to uphold. I am to share the space with him and am under oath to keep it from getting "too girly" in there). 


    Fixing up this forgotten piece of studio haven has been quite the journey. I’ve emptied it of its contents, scrubbed its dust caked floors and spiderweb infested walls, prepped, primed and painted. I’ve even purchased some killer Craigslist finds to fill’er up!


    This Craigslist Ikea haul was a super score! Some great pieces to fill up this freshly cleaned and painted space.

    Although it’s a process, both in terms of time and finances, my move-in-date is on the horizon and I couldn't be more excited! Woohoo!

    I’ll be sure to share more pictures along the way as I DIY myself silly with decorating. We’re talking cute window treatments and TJ Maxx hauls people! I'll also be sure to do a before and after once everything is all cute a pretty! (But of course, not "too girly"!)
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