• One Month In

    Want to know something crazy? It has almost been a month since the launch of my business website—28 days to be precise. I know time flies when you’re having fun and all, but holy moly! Although it seriously feels like yesterday that I hit that uber-scary publish button on my shop site, a lot has happened since then. I mean A LOT. (All while working part-time, tackling design work for clients, AND going on a little vacation to visit my momma. See, it's so doable! You totally can work and live what you love!)

    Like all of this to name a few (not in any particular order):

    • I filed my Fictitious Business Name with my county clerk’s office.
    • I got my business license.
    • I opened a business bank account. I’ve discovered business bank accounts are not free, by any means. I mean who has $7,500 lying around that can just hang out in your account at all times to avoid monthly fees? Ugh, definitely not this girl! If you do, I am giving you a virtual pat-on-the-back—for real though, you go with your bad self!
    • I received and delivered my first custom order (and am working on order #2!)
    • I completed my first on-site wedding piece—a GIANT seating chart (pics in Instagram feed)
    • I’ve been product planning up a storm. Shop update coming soon. :)
    • I’ve gained over 100 followers on Instagram. I know this doesn't seem like a lot, but for this small biz girl just starting out, I feel like a damn celebrity. So shout out to all those ChalkWhimsy Insta-followers: thanks for making me all heart-eyes emoji inside!
    • I’ve written a blog post every Tuesday. It’s looking like blog-post Tuesdays are a thing over here at ChalkWhimsy. Mark those calendars!
    • I made and ordered business cards.
    • I signed up with the marketing email sevice, MailChimp, and successfully integrated it into my website (after some choice words, slight hair pulling and a couple glasses of wine of course). I’ve made what I like to call “chalk-a-day” signs to practice my lettering, but also to post on IG.
    • I channeled my inner Tim Allen as I used some power tools to cut chalkboards into custom sizes. Yes, I am referencing Home Improvement, and yes, I am a 90s chick.
    • I’ve tracked all my business expenses with the awesome opossum accounting software, FreshBooks. Seriously in love over here.
    • Lastly, I’ve discovered starting a business is expensive. Like, really, really expensive.

    BUT, I know that it is so worth it.

    Every dollar I spend, every penny I invest in my business, I’m investing in myself. It’s a scary thought, but it’s so empowering. I am, in the end, what will make or break this small business. It’s pretty much all in my hands, and that’s why my hands are doing the work. Lots and lots of work. I know this is just the beginning though and there are a million billion pieces to the puzzle that I've yet to discover. If I’m going to run with this puzzle analogy, and of course I am, then it's like I’ve started to find the edge pieces and they’re working their way into a frame, a structure of support. That gigantic pile of random shapes still in the box is the scary shit. The unknown. That stuff that I’m clueless about (ahem, taxes…) But I’m not scared, because I know I will figure it out if I just do the work. Just like I know I will probably make a million billion mistakes along the way, and that's okay. These will be mistakes that I will learn from, grow from and become a bigger, better, more badass boss from. That’s what’s so empowering about this whole creative entrepreneurial process. We dare, we dream, we make mistakes, and in turn we learn, we progress, we thrive. It's all on us.

    We evolve into the awesome people, the awesome bosses we are because we make mistakes. Remember that.

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